NetMessage 2.0

Net Message is a small tool to send and receive messages across the network
2.0 (See all)

Net Message is a small tool to send messages across the network, using the Windows Messenger Service, so there is no client install required to receive the messages. Additional features include Message interception, history of sent and received messages, alias support and more. The program can also be started from the commandline to send bulk messages to recipients from a text file. What makes Net Message different from most other messengers is that it works on the full range of Windows products (Windows9x), it does not consume a lot of system resources. Also, Net Message supports sending of huge messages, such as long documents, by splitting them in multiple files, and joining them back together. Net Message detects where a received message came from, so you can easily reply to it.
Net message is very small and does not use any special runtime libraries, uses Win32 api.

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